So, what is that change that we all need to think about?? A positive or a hostile environment?

Who will need to step up to take this responsibility of creating a positive environment? Should it be each one of us?

Let’s think about this. The way I brought up as a child, I always saw my mother playing that role of creating this positive environment in my home. To me she was an embodiment of love and always taught us to share that love to all. If that love is within us, we tend to show the same to all others. We share our happiness, sorrows, and pains and so on in the family that my mother always showed us the brighter side of each. I really feel a need for each parent in every household to play this role and will be a vital relationship to positively impact a child’s physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Remember that our thoughts lead to words, words to actions, actions to habit, habit to character, and character to Destiny. What we reap is what we sow.

It is inevitable that as human beings, one must go through various emotions at different stages of our lives. Especially in the early stages of life, a child’s emotions reflect on how they think and behave. As a parent, one should always pay close attention to any behavioral changes that would adversely reflect on child’s character in the short and long run, or if those behavioral changes create any adverse impact to the outside world. When such behavior is observed, both the parents will need to communicate and come up with a right choice or decision on how to handle such situations. Disagreements between parents should be addressed with in themselves to avoid any confused situations for the child. This will give the child a clear understanding that both the parents are on the same page and communicating a right message.

Each parent has a different role to play in child’s life and in combination should set them right by making them understand on what is right and what is wrong. Make it a practice to get involved in child’s activities and talking to the child every day by asking questions on how his or her day went by. Teach children early on that there should be no secrets from parents. Make them understand that this will only help them from any potential issues later. For a child to have these direct interactions, parents should themselves set as an example with their attitude and behavior within the family and in the outside world. This will help the child to interact more with the parents so their concerns can be addressed and parents can maintain a constructive perspective so the child can counter negative influences contributing towards child’s better future.

Mother’s role is unique in a way that a child is always comfortable and closer to her at any times, where as in most cases, a Father plays a significant role at the later stages of childhood and towards young adulthood by assuring and securing them for their better future. So, given the role of a mother, it is absolutely critical that every family needs that role model in every house to inspire positive thoughts in a child in the early stages so eventually it guides towards the right character in them and make a better tomorrow for all of us. Let’s all think about the change we need to look for and together work for the change we all deserve.

Education is important for a child to gain knowledge and wisdom but character is much more important to become a better person in the community. So, empower your child with proper education, right character and good morals.

“Raise your child with Pride “


Every life has a meaning and every heart has a feeling!

So, what is this “feeling” all about? The most beautiful thing in life is “Love” that is eternal and always starts with a gentle smile on your face. Love is such a beautiful thing that brings comfort to one’s own emotional situations. First you must learn to love yourself, your inner self. Only then your love showers through you on to the external ones. As such, “change” always happens from within. If you want to bring a change to a group or a community or at much grander scale, it can only happen if each individual change. You should be a change that one can see the difference in you which will influence others to change and eventually at a larger scale. This change can be in any way, good or bad, love or hate, kind or mean, peaceful or violent and so on. We are the creators of all of that. It is up to each one of us to decide what kind of change you want to bring in our communities. ​

These days, it is very disturbing to see or hear certain things happening around us that are very difficult to digest, and not bother about them Those must stop and we need to make every effort to create a positive change, a change that we all deserve to be loved and be united .

Let’s just think about Our feelings “Love or no Love“. Showing love or no love is all created by us based on how we feel about ourselves and our environment. If we don’t love ourselves and our family, we cannot love others. All the feelings come from within each one of us. And this un-like feeling results due to fear, anger, or sense of injury caused to you by others. We should accept and recognize the fact that we are the source of any feelings that comes from us either it can be love, hate, like or dislike. As an example, if there are continued disturbances between two individuals, it usually leads towards internal rage among themselves. This rage will eventually turn into an aversion of fear or anger leading to violence. Once such unfavorable actions are committed, the consequences one should face may sometimes be life threatening or even fatal at times. How can you avoid from such disturbances occurring between individual, families, friends or within communities? Is there a root cause for such situations?


What is the need of hurting others feelings? Is one really achieving anything out of it or are they really happy by hurting?

Each situation is unique by itself and can arise out of various reasons. To my knowledge, most of the times, a disturbance or a misunderstanding is caused due to lack of communication or poor communication. How does lack of awareness or exclusion improve or prevent any situation? Any problem can be resolved or mitigated when we sit and discuss with an open mind and give a fair chance for others to express themselves. These expressions when taken with a positive open mind, will always make one to think and give a benefit of doubt to others leading to a healthy relationship moving forward. What if you don’t talk and blame others for your injury and pain? Does it solve anything?​

Miscommunication or NO communication will ONLY increase the gap between two individuals leading to misunderstandings or unfavorable societal actions resulting in separation either mentally or physically in case of individuals and disengagement within groups or communities, both of which are not healthy; resulting in long term disturbances and sufferings not only to the ones involved but also to the ones associated with them for no reason in one way or the other.